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            These are the famous "Cape Cod Gulls" that are made here on Cape Cod.

        *JUST CLICK ON THE PHOTO OF FEATURED ITEM TO VIEW ALL PIECES*                               

                                                 ANIMAL FIGURINES

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                                                    BIRD FEEDERS

     Chickadee Feeders     


                                                  CANDLE HOLDERS

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                                                   CAPE COD CATS

    Cape Cod Cats   

                                             CAPE COD GULLS

 Cape Cod Gulls    Ex-Large, Large, Small, Tiny


                                   CAT, DOG AND PIGGY BANKS



Photos available



Photos availlable

                                                   RAKU ART

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                                            WALL CROSSES

Wall Cross 

                                                  WALL FISH

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                                               WALL PLAQUES

Wall Plaque "Every meal ..."   

                                           WALL POCKETS

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                                              WORD JARS                                  

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